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Update the wording for moving between manual and automatic builds

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......@@ -114,8 +114,11 @@ Clicking on the image will show that tag -- it should be the `latest` tag that D
To upload a different tag, just specify it at the end of the image name --
for example: ``.
That was the manual version, and there were a few steps, but it needn't be so complicated.
How does the automatic version compare?
Hopefully, it's clear that the manual process here isn't too complicated --
we login, we do the build as we did in the previous post, and we add a push command as well.
The most complicated part is the name, but we can get this from GitLab.
However, three manual commands may well be three more commands than we actually need --
how does the automatic process compare, and is it simpler?
## Saving Images -- The Automatic Process
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