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Bump rouge from 3.30.0 to 4.2.0

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Bumps rouge from 3.30.0 to 4.2.0.

Release notes

Sourced from rouge's releases.


This release introduce 2 new levers: Code Owners and Svelte. In addition, we have also made some improvements across BPF, Dart, Elixir, Groovy, Python and Xoji lexer. Thank you for all the wonderful contributors ️ Happy lexing!

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This release brings some improvements on IRB, XQuery, TypeSCript, HCL and Terraform Lexer. Thank you for all our wonderful contributors.

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This small release includes some bug fixes across Wollok and Python lexer.

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This release introduces a number of bug fixes and enhancements across Dart, Dot, JavaScript, Liquid, Mosel, OpenEdge, PHP, Python, Ruby, Rush and Shell lexer. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release. Happy Lexing!


Welcome to the first release of 2023! This release introduces a new lexer, Cisco IOS, and many fixes and enhancements across C#, CPP, JavaScript, PHP, Python and YAML lexer. We also address an issue with handling long paths in Windows and support a new dark variant of the GitHub theme.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this release. It is wonderful to see some first-time contributors. May all your wishes come true in 2023!

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This release introduces a number of updates and fixes across Coq, Gherkin, HTTP, Java, JavaScript, LLVM, Powershell, Praat, SystemD, Vala and YAML lexer.

Thanks to all the contributors who help make Rouge better. On behalf of the Rouge maintainers, we wish you a season full of joy and magic and a bright New Year.

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This is a major release and includes some breaking changes:

As part of this release, we added one new RML lexer and also made some bug fixes and improvements across HTTP, TSX, TOML, Haxe, Praat, Make and Diff lexer.

Thank you to all of the amazing contributors for your help and continuous support!

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Sourced from rouge's changelog.

version 4.2.0: 2023-10-25

Comparison with the previous version

  • General
    • Bump actions/checkout to v4 (#1998 by Tan Le)
    • Update change log (#1983 by Tan Le)
  • BPF Lexer
    • Update BPF lexer (#2004 by Paul Chaignon)
  • Code Owners Lexer (NEW)
    • Add Code owners lexer (#1969 by Tan Le)
  • Dart Lexer
    • Remove inline from Dart declaration keywords (#1990 by Parker Lougheed)
  • Elixir Lexer
    • Detect Elixir syntax by shebang (#2001 by arathunku)
  • Groovy Lexer
    • Update groovy for record, enum, var (#1984 by Guillaume Laforge)
  • Python Lexer
    • Guess .pyi files as Python (#1996 by ryderben)
  • Svelte Lexer (NEW)
    • add svelte lexer (#1979 by Brodie Davis)
  • Xoji Lexer
    • Updated Xojo Syntax (#2005 by XojoGermany)
    • Updated Xojo Syntax (#2000 by XojoGermany)

version 4.1.3: 2023-07-31

Comparison with the previous version

  • HCL & Terrafom Lexer
    • Update HCL & Terraform Lexers (#1975 by Simon Heather)
  • IRB Lexer
    • Add multi-line examples for IRB lexer (#1968 by Tan Le)
    • irb lexer: recognize the SIMPLE prompt (#1943 by Ronan Limon Duparcmeur)
  • Swift Lexer
    • Swift 5.8 and 5.9 updates (#1948 by John Fairhurst)
  • TypeScript Lexer
    • Add guessing specs for TypeScript extensions (#1980 by Tan Le)
    • Add Typescript support for .cts and .mts (#1978 by George Petrou)
  • XQuery Lexer
    • XQuery: .xqm suffix added (#1971 by Christian Grün)

version 4.1.2: 2023-06-01

Comparison with the previous version

  • Python Lexer
    • Fix highlight of ellipsis in Python lexer (#1964 by Tan Le)
  • Wollok Lexer
    • Fix Wollok lexer: entity list is shared between lexer instances (#1954 by nsfisis)

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