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    Use builtin Django views and forms · 571b0a52
    David Pape authored
    * Change color of 'please log in' message
    * Set placeholder on ORCID field
    * Set title and pattern on ORCID field
    * Update CHANGELOG
    * One fewer .save() in user creation
    * enable_register → registration_enabled
    * Use FormView as base for RegisterView
    * Fix NULL constraint in HeliportGroup creation
    * Add ORCID validation
    * Fix bug in clean_X functions
    They have to return the cleaned value.
    * Fix type annotations for Python 3.8
    * Fix tests
    * Move RegisterView into views.user
    * Add type annotations
    * Rename template heliport_login → login
    * Create common base template for login and register
    * Align login and register template
    They now look the same except for the form.
    * Add missing docstring
    * Replace some style attrs with classes
    * Use .form-text for all errors
    * Update login UI to match registration form
    * Remove rendering of obsolete message variable
    * RegisterView based on new RegistrationForm
    * Simplify login UI
    * Login UI based on Django form
    * Install django-widget-tweaks
    This allows us to alter rendering of Django forms using template tags
    rather than in Python code.
    * Add back messages to login page
    * Replace LoginView with Django built-in LoginView
    * Use user_logged_in signal instead of post_save
    * Update HELIPORT user/group in post_save handler
    This is the way suggested in Django's custom auth guide and it will
    allow us to get rid of the custom LoginView.
    See: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/4.2/topics/auth/customizing/#extending-the-existing-user-model
    * Don't pass backend to login function
    As explained in the docs, it can be determined automatically from the
    `user.backend` attribute.
    See: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/4.2/topics/auth/default/#selecting-the-authentication-backend
    This also means that the `auth_backend` attribute on the
    `UserInformationManager` is not needed.
    * Remove is_login_page distinction
    This was used to change the behaviour of the navbar HELIPORT logo. On
    normal pages, it would lead users to /project/list/, on the login page
    it would lead users to / which would return a redirect to
    /project/list/, thus making the distinction unnecessary.
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